(V.B. Kazantsev, I.V. Mukhina, V.V. Barabanov, I. Larin) The project is devoted to the development of biological and mathematical models of robot (“animat”) control and navigation system based on neuronal network. The system will use spiking patterns generated by living neuronal culture on multi-electrode probe MED64. The system will send 64 control signals from extracellular electrodes to form robot navigation commands (for example, directions and velocity of movement). Sensory feedback will be implemented with electrical stimulation of the culture. The project includes several tasks:

  • Preparation and grow of the neuronal culture directly in the MED64 probe;
  • The development of mathematical model of neuronal culture on the MED64 probe;
  • The analysis of activity patterns formed by the culture and pattern transformation into animat control signals;
  • Searching for the ways and mechanisms of culture stimulation to obtain required activity patterns and control signals.