(A.V. Semyanov, A.A. Lebedinsky, I.V. Mukhina, Yu. N. Zakharov) We investigate the dynamics of astrocyte calcium activity considered as a mechanism of release of chemical transmitters by these cells. Recordings of calcium signals from rat hippocampal slices are obtained and analyzed with confocal and two-photon imaging methods. First 350 µm thick slices are incubated with calcium indicator Oregon Green 488 BAPTA1 AM and astrocyte specific marker SR101. Then the slices are transferred into imaging chamber and superfused with carbogenated Ringer solution. Fluorescent signals of the calcium indicator are recorded during 30 minutes. The recordings are repeated in the presence of TTX which blocks neuronal action potentials. The results are compared and analyzed using cross-correlation and wavelet methods.


Fig. 1. (a) Imaging setup based on confocal/ two-photon microscope Zeiss LSM510 NLO Duoscan. (b) Fluorescent Image of astrocytes marked by SR101.