Brain development genetics lab

General information

The goal of research is the identification of new gene mutations causing malformations of the cerebral cortex in mouse. For mutant mouse with disrupted structure and function of the brain is used ENU-directed mutagenesis. In order to identify mutants are two approaches to the analysis of the phenotype: the first analyzes the structure of the cerebral cortex and development of major axonal bundles; the second provides for behavioral phenotyping for the selection of mice with an increased tendency to seizures. These studies are fundamental and will help in the study of various processes associated with various aspects of the development and functioning of the cerebral cortex, as well as applications as identifying new genes that control the development of the cerebral cortex, will determine the clinically important mechanism that controls the proper development and functioning of not only of neural networks, and cognitive cortex.

The head of the laboratory is Phd DrSc, Director of Institute of Charit? (Germany) Tarabykin Viktor (h-index of 20).