Extrasynaptic transmission lab

Major publications of laboratory staff
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  • Pavlov, I., Savtchenko L., Song, I. et al. Tonic GABA(A) conductance bidirectionally controls interneuron firing pattern and synchronization in the CA3 hippocampal network. PNAS, 2014 (IF 9.81)
  • Wlodarczyk A.; Xu Chun; Song I. et al. Tonic GABA(A) conductance decreases membrane time constant and increases EPSP-spike precision in hippocampal pyramidal neurons. Front Neural Circuits, 2013 (IF 3.6)
  • Patrushev I., Gavrilov N., Turlapov V., et al. Subcellular location of astrocytic calcium stores favors extrasynaptic neuron-astrocyte communication. CELL CALCIUM, 2013 (IF 4.21)
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  • Wlodarczyk, Agnieszka I.; Sylantyev, Sergiy; Herd, Murray B.; et al. GABA-Independent GABA(A) Receptor Openings Maintain Tonic Currents. J. OF NEUROSCIENCE, 2013 (IF 6.747)
  • Wu, Yu-Wei; Grebenyuk, Sergei; McHugh, Thomas J.; et al. Backpropagating Action Potentials Enable Detection of Extrasynaptic Glutamate by NMDA Receptors. CELL REPORTS, 2012, (IF 8.358)