Specialization and educational activities

Teaching activity

Special lecture courses
  • “Fundamantals of cellular neuroscience” (Prof. A.V. Semyanov)
  • “Introduction to neurodynamics” (Prof. V.B. Kazantsev)
  • “Autowave processes in neuron-like models” (Prof. V.G. Yakhno)
  • “Introduction to neurophysiology” (Prof. I.V. Mukhina)
Laboratory works
  • “Investigation of nerve pulse parameters recorded from the sciatic frog nerve” (Prof. I.V. Mukhina)
  • “Generation of action potentials in Hodgkin-Huxley neuron model” (Prof. V.B. Kazantsev)
  • “Identification and analyses of hippocampal astrocytic activity” (Prof. A.V. Semyanov)