(V.B. Kazantsev, Yu. V. Zaytsev, M. Galkina) The project is devoted to the analysis of spiking activity patterns in networks of synaptically connected neurons. Recent experiments on simultaneous recordings of multiple neuronal signals have shown that even spontaneous spike firing occurs in a highly correlated manner. Assuming that particular neuron pairs generate synchronous spikes by the influence of a common “source” signal generated by a “source” cell or group of cells which can have mono- or polysynaptic connections with the target cells we apply cross-correlation methods to identify the “sources”. In such topology the synchronized target cells may be located quite far from each other and may not be directly connected. Experimental data obtained by functional multineuron calcium imaging technique fMCI (Y. Ikegaya, Tokio University, Japan) and spike trains generated by model network of Hodgkin-Huxley neurons synaptically coupled with axonal delays.


Fig. 1. (a) Functional topology of spiking neuronal network (b) reconstructed by analyzing the experimental recordings.